A Wash Basin and Why You Would Need It

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A wash basin is considered a universal and mandatory accessory in sanitary premises, especially in the bathroom and the kitchen. Thus, it is an essential part of performing roles necessary to establish cleanliness and hygiene. In this article, we will look at what a wash basin is, the types that are available in the market, and the reason why you might need to buy  a wash basin singapore style: 

Types of Wash Basins

Pedestal Basins

 Pedestal basins are washbasins placed on pedestals. Thus, they are fixed in a manner that requires no affixture. They provide a timeless outlook and are most commonly found in bathrooms with traditional interior design. The structure conceals the pipes, making the basin neat-looking. 

Wall-Mounted Basins

 Wall-mounted basins are installed on the wall, where no pedestal is provided, and no cabinet is also provided. This type is suitable for small bathrooms because it does not consume much space on the floor. In addition, they are smoother and can be cleaned easily around and beneath the unit. 

Countertop Basins

 These basins are placed upon a counter or a vanity unit. They are available in a number of designs, ranging from basic designs with bowls to more complex ones. These basins offer a contemporary and classy outlook to any washroom. 

Undermount Basins

 Undermount basins are mounted underneath the countertop and offer a smooth appearance. They eliminate stress during cleaning and maintenance because they do not have corners where dust may settle. This type is commonly used in the modern bathroom.

Why You Need Them


 There are a lot of things that you can do with a wash basin, and that includes maintaining your personal hygiene with activities like washing hands and brushing your teeth– so, if you value your personal hygiene then you should definitely get one!


 When cooking in the kitchen, having a wash basin will be of great help to you as it will be where you will mostly wash your food ingredients and will also double as the place where most of your food prep will happen– that said, it makes food preparation and cleaning the kitchen easier and quicker.

Aesthetic Appeal

 Installing a good wash basin can accompany the planning and make the bathroom or kitchen more attractive. Whether it is a contemporary design or a classic look, having the right wash basin can help complete the house’s theme. 


 In summary, a wash basin is a necessity in every home, and besides serving its purpose, it adds beauty to the home. Purchasing better wash basins will give one a well-spit and classy home.